Isola, Deltec, Tether, and You

Isola Capital, a Chinese “ asset management and family office platform”, arose from Deltec. Their about page proudly proclaimed:

Deltec Bank is the bank currently banking ( archive) Tether ( introduction). Jean Chalopin, the chairman ( archive) of Deltec Bank, the creator of Inspector Gadget, and executive chairman of Deltec International Group is himself mentioned by name on historical versions of Isola Capital’s website. Deltec International Group is not just frequently name-dropped, but is listed as a core shareholder.

According to a report from Michael Green of Logica Funds, Isola Capital is no longer associated with Deltec and has not been for ‘several years’.

They have not been involved for several years. The website was stale. There remains a link with Deltec in Beijing, but Isola is not associated with it.

- Michael (@profplum99) January 26, 2021

So at some point in the last several years there was some change at Deltec that led to them no longer being associated with Isola Capital. The Isola Capital website has also been updated to remove many of the previous references to Deltec.

What does this mean? I have no idea. For years Deltec and Isola were fundamentally inseparable, and now they are separated.

Originally published at on January 27, 2021.

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