A List of Funds/Companies who Fundraised Through Havelock Investments


Havelock Investments was an early platform in the cryptocurrency space that allowed for a variety of companies to fundraise.

HAVELOCK INVESTMENTS MINING FUND — Havelock Investments Mining Fund was Havelock’s fund investing in Bitcoin mining.

KORB AND CO. INVESTMENTS MINING FUND — This is another fund that was meant for purchasing Bitcoin mining rigs. You can find the most recent copy of their website here.

SATOSHI DICE — Satoshi Dice was a game started by Eric Voorhees ( archive). Satoshi Dice was a gambling service where you could send a Bitcoin transaction to a specified address and could potentially receive significantly more in response. Eric Voorhees was charged with offering unregistered securities for these sales of ownership in SatoshiDICE and FeedZeBirds. ( archive)

CRYPTO CAPITAL CORPCrypto Capital Corp is a payment processor, infamously used by Bitfinex, and with the principals under US indictment. Crypto Capital claimed that a significant portion of their assets are being held in Poland, Bitfinex’s lawyers claim to not believe this.

LABCOINLabcoin was a company that claimed to be working on Bitcoin ASIC mining technology.

THE MINISTRY OF GAMES — This was a company that ostensibly was focused on game development and publishing.

CASINOBITCO.IN — CasinoBitco.in [public files can be found here (
1. Prospectus ( archive)

3. Bitcoin Gaming Market Analysis ( archive)

[1. Q3 2017 Financials ( archive)

2. Q4 2017 Financials ( archive)

3. Q1 2018 Financials ( archive)

4. Q2 2018 Financials ( archive)

5. Q3 2018 Financials ( archive)] They now do white label cryptocurrency casinos. They are linked to Nessie (formerly at nessie.io ( archive), now redirecting to crypto.eu) and MoneyPot ( archive from when MonsterByte owned it) (domain now sold). I think it is valuable to remember that Stuart Hoegner ( archive), the General Counsel for Bitfinex and Tether, is a “lead attorney to major bitcoin and altcoin poker brands”. It is unknown whether or not BitcoinRush/CasinoBitco.in/Monster Byte is among them.

COGNITIVE MINING — The listing on Havelock is not available. It appears to have been a way to invest in Bitcoin mining based on their archived site.

NEO & BEE — The listing on Havelock is not available. You can see it on the right panel on various archives of Havelock. It appears to have ended due to misappropriation of funds. ( archive)

PetaMine CryptX — The listing on Havelock is not available. This appears to be another mining fund. They eventually shut down. (archive)

RENTAL STARTER — This was an investment into a real estate fund that was investing in Ohio but was operated by Full Power Asia Investment LTD.

SEEDCOIN FUND — This listing on Havelock is not available. Seedcoin (archive) was a crypto incubator out of Hong Kong. GoCoin the Brock Pierce cofounded company was incubated here.

BIG TREND CAPITAL INVESTMENT — The listing on Havelock is not available. It is unclear what they did.

ALCHEMINER — Alcheminer was a company that created ASIC mining hardware.

SEVENTH CONTINENT — Seventh Continent was trying to create a bitcoin denominated marketplace. Their website is still live here. ( archive) They were in part funded by the Lifeboat Foundation’s Bitcoin Endowment. Stuart Hoegner (archive), the General Counsel for Tether and Bitfinex was a member of the Lifeboat Foundation. ( Archive of a cache of his bio on the page)

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